Many citizens in our society receive the beneficial aid of a trained companion that has undergone excellent therapy dog training. Therapy dogs are vital for promoting a better quality of life for people in need. There is no experience better than entering a hospital room and seeing a sick child’s face light up when they behold a friendly, comforting therapy dog. Making the children’s day better and bringing a source of happiness is why we offer our therapy dog training classes. If you’re curious about learning how to make your dog a therapy dog, we can help!

Not all canines are naturals when it comes to therapy, but our professional dog trainers can assist in the assessment, training, and dog training certifications involved in preparing your dog for therapy services. If your dog does not meet the requirements for therapy dog certification, that’s OK!  Our dog training school is set up to allow humans to obtain their certification, at which point we can pair you with a helpful pup. This way, you can spend time bringing happiness to hospitals and nursing homes on four legs.

The Dog Wizard is fortunate to be partnered with the Paws for People foundation, which specializes in the training and placement of therapy dogs throughout the United States for all people in need. We also offer a comprehensive preparatory class that helps dogs and their owners prepare for the certification process. Upon receiving the certification to prove your therapy dog training proficiency, we can begin to schedule you and your furry partner for visits to hospitals and nursing homes. We have a number of wonderful helpers, so prospective volunteers will need to sign up in advance in order to receive a slot.

If your dog isn’t cut out to be a therapy dog, you can still have your dog go through professional dog training with us. Contact us to schedule any classes that fit the appropriate level of our dog obedience training school.