1. I am beyond appreciative

    My 2 year old lab, Lulu, was SO overly excited whenever anyone approached her, whether it be in our home, or out in the community. She jumped, pawed, licked excessively, and even tried to put people’s hands in her mouth. Oh, by the way, she did all that with us too. She had to be in her room any time someone came to visit- we hated that. Erik literally changed our lives in 6 weeks (well, actuall…Read More

    Sarah Wagner
  2. I would recommend this program

    We knew Tucker was a great dog before training with The Cincinnati Dog Wizard but now everyone else can see it too. We have always wanted to be able to take him out to different places and show the world how incredible he is but his fear of other people and unknown situations kept us from doing so. Tucker was unpredictable, in certain situations he would be terrified and cowering in fear, and in o…Read More

    Jennifer Webster
  3. I highly recommend Cincinnati Dog Wizard

    I am very pleased with Cincinnati Dog Wizard. Marley was a great dog but she was having separation issues and was very impulsive. Since she has come home we have been very impressed with how polite she is. When our elderly parents would visit she would make it difficult for them to get in the door. They were here last week and she placed and stayed until they were settled. They were amazed. Eric p…Read More

    Sherrie Carlotta
  4. Treated him exceptionally well

    The Dog Wizard came into our lives after my three year old Great Dane, Gus, went after a friend of the family. No damage was done, but the damage to his reputation was haunting us both. I had to do something. He was very aggressive towards strangers and lunged more than once at the trainers that showed up for his consultation and training pick up. Though I called him aggressive, the trainers refer…Read More

    Kara McGuirk, Cincinnati Dog Wizard
  5. Did an amazing job

    I needed some serious help with my dog Tucker. He was super hyperactive and just never listened to me. Erik did an amazing job training Tucker and I could tell that Tucker really enjoyed being around him. Thank you Erik!!!…Read More

    Kerry Henshaw, Cincinnati Dog Wizard
  6. Thank you!!!

    When I contacted The Dog Wizard I did not have high hopes for our little stray. We had tried for over 2 years and a different trainer to get Chip under control without luck. Our Vet recommended them so off we went to visit. I was so impressed that Chip was signed up for their 2 week program. Yes we missed him, especially his doggie brother, but what a present we were about to receive. Chip and Eri…Read More

    Sheri Welch Brown, Cincinnati Dog Wizard
  7. Returned home a new dog

    I would have bet money that my dog Woogie was all but untrainable, but after two weeks she returned home a new dog. We could not be happier with the job he did! Our family and Woogie are happier than ever thanks to Erik.…Read More

    Jay Delibovi, Cincinnati Dog Wizard
  8. Your dog will benefit

    I was apprehensive about sending my puppy for the 2 week training program. I had gotten so attached to my dog and was worried that he would come back with a different personality and lose some of the things I loved about him through the training process. While he was gone I was nervous that he wouldn’t want to come back home…I saw so many pictures of him doing such fun stuff and living a dog c…Read More

    Stacey Thompson
  9. You must do it!

    To anyone considering The Dog Wizard and Don for aggression dog training, we say you must do it! We adopted our beloved Logan, an American Bulldog/Pointer mix, when he was around 8 months old. In our eyes Logan was a guard dog, always attentive and reactive to any sound coming from outside our home. He barked at anyone walking by our house, especially if they had a dog. When we walked him he would…Read More

    Irma Aguilar
  10. Loved my experience

    I absolutely loved my experience with the Dog Wizard. My dog was having issues growling and snapping at friends and it was starting to scare me. One of the dog trainers at the Dog Wizard, he explained to me that my dog Lil Reeses is fighting with anxiety and needs a boost in his confidence. They took lots of care of Lil Reeses. Everyday he posted pictures of my baby and I was able to see my dog ma…Read More

    Jacinda Garabito