Your dog will benefit

I was apprehensive about sending my puppy for the 2 week training program. I had gotten so attached to my dog and was worried that he would come back with a different personality and lose some of the things I loved about him through the training process. While he was gone I was nervous that he wouldn’t want to come back home…I saw so many pictures of him doing such fun stuff and living a dog centered life that I thought he would think his life here was boring. When Willie came back home after his homefront program I was so impressed with all he had learned! He was so happy to be home and was the same dog he was before training as far as his personality was concerned. His obedience was top notch, and I could see that he enjoyed it. His confidence and happiness were increased from having been through the program. The first day I had him back I took him out to work on his skills and was so excited about all the new places he could come with me and how our relationship would grow through more shared experiences together. The part I never expected was how our bond was made stronger through the training program because it gave us more ways to communicate with each other and language we could speak together. Hopefully I am not the only CRAZY dog owner out there and this review helps someone who is on the fence about the training program…your dog will benefit just as much if not more than you will!

Stacey Thompson