You must do it!

To anyone considering The Dog Wizard and Don for aggression dog training, we say you must do it! We adopted our beloved Logan, an American Bulldog/Pointer mix, when he was around 8 months old. In our eyes Logan was a guard dog, always attentive and reactive to any sound coming from outside our home. He barked at anyone walking by our house, especially if they had a dog. When we walked him he would bark and try to lunge at loud and fast vehicles passing us by. If a dog got too close to us and his personal space he would instantly react in a aggressive manner (i.e. growling, barking, trying to break free of the leash to attack). Inside our vehicles, Logan would lunge and bark at oncoming cars, or at loud vehicles and motorcycle driving alongside.
We did not realize that all of these behaviors were fear-based. We had a few instances when Logan became overly aggressive towards other dogs as a defense mechanism because he did not know what to do when introduced to new dogs. Because of these aggressive tendencies, I was afraid to walk him by myself, for fear that he might break-free. With a baby on the way, we felt that it was time to correct his aggressive tendencies.
Logan reacted positively from the moment that he met his trainer, Don Murray. During training Don took time to answer detailed questions about Logan’s progress and he was very reassuring. His answers were very insightful and his suggestion have proven very useful. Don was always professional and patient with us, but also loving and caring with Logan. We strongly recommend Don to anyone who has a dog that is as stress-prone and scared as our Dog used to be. Only twenty-one days of full training resulted in a dog that is much more at ease and less tense than he has ever been. Logan is not as concerned with noises outside our home and our surroundings. When he is out on walks he is not agitated by loud vehicles or sudden movement of kids in bikes, moving towards us or passing us by. When dogs are passing our home his bark is not an aggressive one anymore and we now know how to get him to stop. We feel better prepared to handle the things we know have set him off in the past.
It is so refreshing to know that I can walk him without him reacting to every little noise. It is also nice to know that when someone comes to the house and rings the doorbell he will obey the place command and not run to the door barking and jumping like he has in the past. It was amazing to see our dog socialize with other dogs in the training facility without going into his rabid state of mind. We know that if we stick to his training and continue to socialize him that we can have a peaceful and more predictable loving dog. Logan is now the dog he always deserved to be thanks to Don, and the wonderful training techniques of The Dog Wizard.

Irma Aguilar