Treated him exceptionally well

The Dog Wizard came into our lives after my three year old Great Dane, Gus, went after a friend of the family. No damage was done, but the damage to his reputation was haunting us both. I had to do something. He was very aggressive towards strangers and lunged more than once at the trainers that showed up for his consultation and training pick up. Though I called him aggressive, the trainers referred to him as reactive, because within five minutes (or less) of the trainers being around Gus, he wanted to be their best friend. Erik had faith in him even from that very first meeting despite a less than stellar first impression on Gus’s part. His biggest trigger was me. I suppose he felt like he needed to protect me from anyone and anything around. And despite the fact that Gus reacted very poorly and even lunged at strangers and the trainers at that first visit, Erik was confident in Gus’s ability to become a new dog. Two weeks later Gus came home a new dog in all the best ways. He is confident and loves to be loved on even more than he ever has. He’s calm and relaxed now, and we both enjoy walks and going out in public more now because it’s not nearly as stressful on either of us. Erik did an amazing job with his training, and I couldn’t be happier with the Gus I have now. A week after Gus came home the trainers came back for a follow up visit. I placed Gus on his bed so that I could open the door and when he saw who was there he could barely hold his place (but he did) he was so excited to see them. That not only tells me that they did an amazing job with his training but they treated him exceptionally well while he was in their care. Today we went to our first group class and I still can’t believe the difference. Four weeks ago he would have been lunging at the dogs, and quite possibly some of the people who were there today. Instead he laid on his place, completely relaxed and observing his surroundings. Gus was very excited to see Erik at group class this morning, which was no surprise to me. But what did surprise me is that he was very excited to see all of the trainers this morning. Which is why I cannot say enough good things the experience we have had with Erik and The Dog Wizard.”

Kara McGuirk, Cincinnati Dog Wizard