I would recommend this program

We knew Tucker was a great dog before training with The Cincinnati Dog Wizard but now everyone else can see it too. We have always wanted to be able to take him out to different places and show the world how incredible he is but his fear of other people and unknown situations kept us from doing so. Tucker was unpredictable, in certain situations he would be terrified and cowering in fear, and in others he would be so excited we would not be able to control him. Tucker never showed signs of aggression but his fear of people and other situations had us fearful that one day he would become aggressive if cornered or pushed into an uncomfortable situation. To top it off Tucker is a BIG dog and a handful whether excited or afraid. He would pull on the leash to the point that only my husband could take him for walks or hold the leash if we were going somewhere. Although Tucker knew basic commands like sit, stay, and down, we had no consistency with his commands, he only followed commands when he wanted to. If Tucker was distracted in any way he would not follow any commands. That is why we called upon the help of The Cincinnati Dog Wizard. Tucker went through the homefront program and went with Erik to train for two weeks. When first looking into the program we were very hesitant to send our dog away for two whole weeks with someone but after meeting Erik for the first time and talking with him about Tucker we realized that two weeks away is a small amount of time when compared to the rest of our lives with Tucker. We also saw right away that Erik is passionate about his work with dogs and felt safe leaving Tucker in his care. Since completing the homefront program two weeks ago Tucker is a brand new dog. On our one week follow up we walked Tucker through a busy home improvement store with distractions all around. Around a half hour into our outing I was walking Tucker through the store with confidence using only the E-Collar. I walked him down a small and busy isle with children, adults and a cart, which normally would have terrified him, and he stayed by my side in the heel walk through it all. I became more comfortable using the E-Collar than I was using his leash, which I never thought possible. Now we can’t wait to take him to all of the exciting events we have always wanted to attend and show the world what an awesome dog Tucker is. I would recommend this program and Erik to anyone looking for a dog trainer. Like Erik has said there is no dog that is un-trainable. Thank you Cincinnati Dog Wizard!!!

Jennifer Webster