I highly recommend Cincinnati Dog Wizard

I am very pleased with Cincinnati Dog Wizard. Marley was a great dog but she was having separation issues and was very impulsive. Since she has come home we have been very impressed with how polite she is. When our elderly parents would visit she would make it difficult for them to get in the door. They were here last week and she placed and stayed until they were settled. They were amazed. Eric picked up on things that we hadn’t noticed such as her racing you up and down the steps and racing everyone through a doorway. She now does a sit stay until she gets her come command to go up or down. She is also very polite about walking through the house. We have also noticed that she is much better behaved with our other dog. She used to knock her out of the way when anyone tried to pet her. Now she sits and waits her turn. She also used to steal toys from her. She does not do that anymore. Our other dog is much happier with her and that get along so much better. She sometimes gets very antsy in the evening,but now I can place her next to my chair and she will calm down and go to sleep. She likes doing her training and especially like to place on different things. She gets very proud of herself. She is still our crazy Marley, but a much more polite version. Thanks to Eric for a great job and all of the help and follow up he has given me. I highly recommend Cincinnati Dog Wizard.

Sherrie Carlotta