I am beyond appreciative

My 2 year old lab, Lulu, was SO overly excited whenever anyone approached her, whether it be in our home, or out in the community. She jumped, pawed, licked excessively, and even tried to put people’s hands in her mouth. Oh, by the way, she did all that with us too. She had to be in her room any time someone came to visit- we hated that. Erik literally changed our lives in 6 weeks (well, actually after the first visit). Lulu now places on command and allows anyone to enter our home while remaining calm! She sits and stays, lies down, comes when called, and even enjoyed a 30 minute heel/walk OFF lease today:) My neighbors have been singing Erik’s praises for weeks. I am beyond appreciative of Erik’s expertise, guidance, support, and approach and offer this review as the highest endorsement of his service.

Sarah Wagner