Loved my experience

I absolutely loved my experience with the Dog Wizard. My dog was having issues growling and snapping at friends and it was starting to scare me. One of the dog trainers at the Dog Wizard, he explained to me that my dog Lil Reeses is fighting with anxiety and needs a boost in his confidence. They took lots of care of Lil Reeses. Everyday he posted pictures of my baby and I was able to see my dog making huge improvements. I truly believe he fell in love with my dog and it made me feel secure in knowing my dog was getting the best training and was in the best hands. I am so happy I chose to go with Dog Wizard. My dog is much more relaxed now. He loves doing his commands and showing off. He no longer snaps at people. More importantly, I have learned how to communicate with my dog. I love that my services with the Dog Wizard last forever! I am looking forward to taking Lil Reeses to a doggie camp on the weekends. Thank you to everyone at the Dog Wizard. I completely recommend the Dog Wizard to anyone looking for dog training. 

Jacinda Garabito