1. Preparing For A Baby With Your Cincinnati Dog Training Experts Part 2

    If you’re currently pregnant or plan on becoming a parent in the near future, congratulations! Having a baby can be one of the biggest moments in a couple’s lives, and one that will require a lot of changes to be made. Every aspect of your life will change, including the dynamic of balancing your dog with your newborn. Your four-legged friend is most likely used to being the baby in your family dynamic, and the shifti…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Pup Warm For The Winter Part 2

    Last week, we looked into the effects that winter can have on your furry friend. Although the snowy weather can be a fun time for both of you, some precautions should be taken to ensure the health of all parties involved. The Dog Wizard is your go-to locale for Cincinnati dog training. Our certified, professional dog trainers are here to educate you and your pup in the ways of proper dog training and handling. Part of our…Read More

  3. The Best Of All Methods Part 1

    When discussing the best way to train a dog, everyone has an opinion. Obedience training for dogs comes in all shapes, sizes, and philosophies. Each style has its own merits and drawbacks. One style can be suitable for a certain situation but those situations can often change. In such cases, the dog may be unable to adapt and behave accordingly. The Dog Wizard tackles this issue in a unique way that has shown great result…Read More