1. I love how he’s protective… I hate how he’s aggressive

    We hear this frequently from clients asking for help. They like having a dog that is protective of them, but are often fearful and very nervous that the dog will end up making a very bad decision and hurt/injury someone or something, or worse! Let's break it down. You should never be content with owning a dog that displays both protective AND aggressive traits or behaviors. Especially a dog that exhibits these behaviors a…Read More

  2. Travel Safety For Your Canine Companion

    How did June get here so quickly!?!? The weather has definitely been nice here in Cincinnati the past couple weeks. For a lot of canine companions, going on a car ride is a lot of fun, especially when the weather is nice! Some get to stick their faces/heads out the window and feel the breeze. Some get to roam around the car just waiting in anticipation of their destination. Some sit on the lap of the driver and relax. Des…Read More

  3. Holiday Puppies!

    It's holiday puppy time!  With so many people participating in this classic family tradition, we thought we’d address some do’s and don’t of getting a puppy during the holidays. First and foremost, the biggest issue is that a good majority of holiday puppies are going to end up at shelters and rescues. Shelters and rescues are already stretched to capacity, and there always seems to be a surge of incoming pets befo…Read More

  4. We’re Participating In A Back-to-School Drive

    Hello everyone! The Cincinnati Dog Wizard is participating at the Forest Chapel UMC back-to-school drive on August 8th, 2015 from 1pm-3pm. Our dog trainer, Erik, will be participating in the event with his trusty side-kick K9 Duffy. Erik will be going over the proper way to approach strange dogs (especially regarding children), how to properly give a dog treats (especially timidness or aggressive issues), pet health/safet…Read More