1. Preparing For A Baby With Your Cincinnati Dog Training Experts Part 1

    Congratulations on becoming parents! The introduction of a baby into the home can bring a new dynamic of both joy and stress. Oftentimes, many families face the unique situation of bringing a new infant into the world and introducing that bundle of joy to their four-legged companion. It’s important as new parents to find the proper obedience training for dogs to ensure that your new child is safe and that your furry chi…Read More

  2. The Best Of All Methods Part 2

    When it comes to obedience training for dogs, The Dog Wizard is at Defcon: Expert. We have trained countless canines (and their families!). Our certified professional dog trainers are the authorities when it comes to dog training in Cincinnati. Last week we dove into training methods and their strengths and drawbacks. There are literally dozens of approaches when it comes to training man’s best friend. For the sake of t…Read More