1. Choosing the right dog food for your best friend!

    If you are like me when I first got a 4-legged best friend many ages ago, you have a hard time choosing the right food.  As dog owners, we often go with whatever is the cheapest or whatever we can find at the local grocery store.  A lot of us have the mentality of "all dog food is the same."  This can't be farther from the truth.  Would you eat McDonalds every day for every meal?  It can be VERY overwhelming as there…Read More

  2. Holiday Puppies!

    It's holiday puppy time!  With so many people participating in this classic family tradition, we thought we’d address some do’s and don’t of getting a puppy during the holidays. First and foremost, the biggest issue is that a good majority of holiday puppies are going to end up at shelters and rescues. Shelters and rescues are already stretched to capacity, and there always seems to be a surge of incoming pets befo…Read More

  3. Keeping Dog Boarding Easy

    If you’re like me, your dog goes with you lots of places. But there’s times when your pup needs to stay behind. Boarding your dog can be a good option and a fun adventure, and we’ve been through it, too. As your premiere place for dog trainers in Cincinnati, we’ve got a few tips to keep stress low for everyone. First, tour the boarding kennel before the trip. The majority of facilities out there are solid, but tak…Read More

  4. No Jumping!

    If you’re a pet guardian, you know it’s critical to teach your dog good manners. A dog with bad manners is annoying, embarrassing, and can create a feeling of unease. As your local source for Cincinnati dog training, one of the first things we recommend is to teach your dog not to jump on visitors. But why does it happen, and how do you stop it? First, it’s natural for dogs to jump up on people when they say hello. …Read More

  5. Spotlight on Cooper (Food Aggression)

    Cooper, 5 1/2 months old, starts our Freedom program in a couple weeks, but his owners were VERY concerned about his food aggression and needed help before the program started two weeks later. Cooper had actually bit both of his owners pretty badly when they got close to his food as he was eating. This video shows the proper way to help a dog realize that there is a much better option than to act on aggressive impulse. Wi…Read More