1. Tips For Helping Your Dog Settle When Moving Homes Part 2

    Packing up your life and relocating to a different neighborhood, city, or even state can be a stressful endeavor. The entire process can certainly be exhausting, but for your canine, it can be much more so. While all of the humans are clued in on the plan, chances are that your dog does not understand what is happening. Today, we’ll continue last week’s blog with more moving tips for your canine. Helping you and your …Read More

  2. Tips For Helping Your Dog Settle When Moving Homes Part 1

    As the spring season comes into full swing, many Ohio residents are packing up their possessions and relocating their families to a new location. While moving is a process often full of stress and excitement, many times people get too caught up to take the proper time to make their four-legged family members feel more comfortable. Everyone else may be stuffing boxes, yet your canine will be left out of the loop. Keeping y…Read More

  3. I love how he’s protective… I hate how he’s aggressive

    We hear this frequently from clients asking for help. They like having a dog that is protective of them, but are often fearful and very nervous that the dog will end up making a very bad decision and hurt/injury someone or something, or worse! Let's break it down. You should never be content with owning a dog that displays both protective AND aggressive traits or behaviors. Especially a dog that exhibits these behaviors a…Read More