dreamstime_6069386Here at the Dog Wizard, we strive to provide quality dog obedience training classes to help struggling rescue dogs and owners alike. Rescued dogs can present unique challenges for their new parents due to unverified past experiences. Every dog is different and deserves a chance at rehabilitation through our customizable dog behavior training classes. Canines are amazing creatures, and as such they deserve the chance to thrive! Here at the Dog Wizard, we work with owners and pets alike to maximize the training benefits for both parties. Rescue dogs can exhibit an assortment of unacceptable behaviors, such as:

High Aggression Levels

Dogs can react in a variety of ways when coping with abuse. In many cases, aggressive dog training is in order. A common problem people work through is higher-than-average amounts of aggressive behavior. When your canine becomes agitated during feeding time, it is often caused by past malnutrition. Food is a prime motivator for dogs, and not receiving enough can lead to territorial behaviors when sustenance is introduced into the equation. Another prevalent behavior is the aggressive reaction to being in a confined space. Many rescued dogs dealt with unsolicited physical abuse. Living in a new, unfamiliar home can be very nerve wracking for newly adopted pooches. Owners and guests will need to exercise caution when trying to pet their furry companion.

No matter the cause of this behavior, our top-quality dog aggression training can help!

Separation Panic

Another behavior that frustrates rescue owners is the high level of separation anxiety that causes their dog to freak out when left home alone. This response can be attributed to the stress caused by your departure. From incessant barking to demolishing your home, separation anxiety can be problematic. If your new furry family member suffered from neglect, being left alone will not alleviate the stress. We’ve helped with more extreme cases and our certified dog trainers will work with you to develop a program to help your canine. The Dog Wizard works with dogs of all breeds and backgrounds and offers the best dog training methods to help you and your pet!