Cincinnati Dog Training Programs As Unique As Your Pup

There is nothing we understand better than dogs, and there is nothing dogs understand better than our unique training programs, which are designed to fit your dog’s behavior, specific issues, age, and history. We know that obedience and good behavior are not only desirable traits for you to see in your dog, but they are essential to your furry friend’s happiness. Better behavior means more freedoms, and more freedoms mean more fun, more adventure, and being a more integral part of the family.

Why Our Dog Training School Is Unique

At Cincinnati Dog Wizard, we work to provide unique dog behavior training programs. Any professional dog trainer can get your dog to sit and stay when you are in the comfort of their school or your home. However, we take a more comprehensive approach, teaching the dog to respond well in any environment to any command. In addition, we work diligently to train you and any other member of the family how to command your dog so they listen.

Our Dog Behavior Training Programs

All of our programs are designed to keep dogs engaged, stimulated, and challenged, so they have motivation to be obedient. However, this will look different for each pup and in order to make our programs more effective, our professional dog trainers will meet you and your dog, assess your home, and evaluate their needs. This evaluation will enable us to give your dog the best attention possible.

Our programs include:

Frontier Program

  • Trains your dog to walk well on a leash
  • We will hold lessons in public to ensure that your dog will still be obedient, even with distractions

Freedom Program

  • Lessons held in your home and in highly distracting public places to give your pup comprehensive experience and training
  • Enable your dog to be off-leash reliable
  • Teach your dog simple obedience with commands such as heel, sit, come, place, down, off
  • This program includes unlimited lessons until we reach these goals
  • Also includes unlimited group lessons for socialization

Social Rehab

  • Designed to enable dogs to be comfortable around other dogs
  • Not for pups who have shown aggression towards other dogs
  • Your dog stays in our care for the duration of the program

Aggression Rehab

  • Must be done under supervision of a trained professional
  • Program works to refresh and improve social skills
  • Teaches your dog basic obedience commands
  • Follows a training program that is specific to your dog and their unique needs

Specialty Programs

  • These lessons are open to most dogs; may require previous training
  • Check our calendar for complete schedule
  • No walk-ins, sign up for classes ahead of time

We love our job and we are passionate about seeing the transformation in both owner and dog when they learn to work together. Contact our professional dog training team today and see how we can help you breathe easier and your dog live a more fulfilled life as an included member of your family. It’s time for you to have a loving bond with a happy dog. Call now!