Your dog is naturally wired to work, giving them work to do will help them be happy. The happier your dog, the happier you’ll be. Learning with your dog to teach them sit, stay, heel, place and more will give you something continue working with your dog on, long beyond the classes. Our training gives you opportunities to help your dog understand the commands are just that, instead of optional.

Your dog obedience training will ensure your dog will follow commands even when around strangers. All of our obedience dog training programs have the goal of your dog being trained for off leash reliability at all times and around distractions. Dogs love freedom, but they can’t have total freedom without the ability to obey commands. Our training at Cincinnati Dog Wizard is great even for dogs who have been abused or are nervous. One great benefit that comes with the training is that your dog will gain confidence. This will translate into helping with their socialization, bonding, mental stimulation and learning opportunities for all dogs.




That’s right, we come to you! No more driving across town to train in an unrealistic facility with no distractions. We have found that to get the best results, it’s best to include where the pet lives on a daily basis. Training in a “clean” facility doesn’t produce real-life scenarios and distractions… we want to train where they live!

We also recommend some of these lessons also take place in public locations (including parks, dog parks, home improvement stores, pet stores, etc) with distractions and strangers so they can become adept at obeying even in a diverse environment. Each obedience program include unlimited lessons until we reach our goals & unlimited access to our weekly group classes.


Group lessons are included in all our obedience programs. We like to start with individual lessons, and once your dog has mastered those distractions, you can start coming to group class or what we like to call “distraction city.” After working through the individual classes and the group obedience dog training lessons, you and your dog will have unlimited classes to brush up on skills or learn more. Our group classes are designed to give you a very distracting place to practice and also provide some continuing education. At group class we focus on a variety of activities including group obedience exercises, group pack walks, hikes through the woods, games like “Musical Place” and many more.

We hold our group classes every Saturday at different spots all over town. Check the calendar out to see when and where.