When it comes to obedience training for dogs, The Dog Wizard is at Defcon: Expert. We have trained countless canines (and their families!). Our certified professional dog trainers are the authorities when it comes to dog training in Cincinnati. Last week we dove into training methods and their strengths and drawbacks. There are literally dozens of approaches when it comes to training man’s best friend. For the sake of time, we’ll cover two more types of training. Spoiler alert- we think ours is the best!


Scientific Training


This method comes down to the human working cooperatively with the dog as opposed to simply commanding them. Scientific training takes on a much more comprehensive approach to training. The science in this sense is used to tailor training based on the dog’s needs and learning preferences. Methodology changes over time as evidence is introduced that more effectively trains canines. As opposed to alpha training, this style is warm and welcoming. Essentially, positive behaviors are rewarded while negative actions result in the losing of a reward. This is reminiscent of Skinner’s Box, where a test animal is rewarded by pushing a certain lever. Overall, scientific training is a capable, adaptive style that is on the forefront for how to best train your pup.


The Dog Wizard Training


Our dog obedience training school is different in its approach over all of the other theories out there. Why? Because we take several theories and custom-tailor them to produce a unique, individual approach to training your family companion. We see the ups and downs of each style and combine our favorite aspects into one comprehensive program. Our focus is on keeping the dog (and owner) focused in varying situations. Your puppy may be an angel at home but at the park, he transforms into a so-called menace. Own a nervous or aggressive dog? Not a problem! Our philosophy lives through our training classes to fix any negative behaviors out there.The Dog Wizard uses its multi-philosophy approach to make the most out of the training time your doggie receives.


This unique method has helped hundreds of dogs in the Cincinnati area. Our dog training school is designed to fit your unique dog and family. We believe we have the best formula out there for obedience training. Having a well-trained dog is beneficial for all parties. You will be complimented on your amazing pet and your canine will have more freedom to enjoy their life. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to see how we can improve both you and your best friend’s lives!