If you’re like me, your dog goes with you lots of places. But there’s times when your pup needs to stay behind. Boarding your dog can be a good option and a fun adventure, and we’ve been through it, too. As your premiere place for dog trainers in Cincinnati, we’ve got a few tips to keep stress low for everyone.

First, tour the boarding kennel before the trip. The majority of facilities out there are solid, but take the time to check out the facility. It’s okay to ask lots of questions, that’s what the staff is there for. Listen to your intuition, because when you find the right place, you’ll know it. Also, if your dog has health or dietary needs, make sure the staff knows. Don’t give them a ridiculously long list mentioning that Fifi must eat at exactly 7:55, just keep it to the important stuff. Along similar lines, it’s okay to bring your dog’s food. Sometimes pooches can have sensitive stomachs, and a taste of home can be psychologically reassuring. It’s also okay to bring a special toy or a blanket. That can help to make things more comfortable, but there’s no need to drop off 19 squeaky toys.

When you do the drop off, make sure you do it fast. Dogs are empathic and can pick up on emotional cues. By extending your good-byes, you’re just stressing your dog out. Lastly, be sure to leave contact information. It’s a good habit to not only leave your cell phone number, but the number of a friend or family member who also knows your dog. This way someone is always around in case of an emergency.