It’s holiday puppy time!  With so many people participating in this classic family tradition, we thought we’d address some do’s and don’t of getting a puppy during the holidays.
First and foremost, the biggest issue is that a good majority of holiday puppies are going to end up at shelters and rescues. Shelters and rescues are already stretched to capacity, and there always seems to be a surge of incoming pets before and after the holidays.  Most puppies are “thrown” away because of behavioral issues and lack of training / structure.  We want to prevent this… it CAN be helped and avoided!
What’s so important about starting training right away?
Starting training early is important because you need to start building your relationship, and a way to communicate with your new puppy.  You set the boundaries and trust early. This is especially important if you are a first time dog owner.

What’s the best breed?
My opinion is that a mixed breed dog is the best kind of dog, and there are plenty to choose from at shelters and rescues!
If you have a new puppy please seek a professional dog trainer like the Cincinnati Dog Wizard and start socialization with other dogs and people right away. We can help you whether you have an 8 week old puppy, or an 8 year old dog.  If you are even considering adult dog training (6 months old+), just call and set up a free evaluation.

 Getting a Christmas puppy doesn’t have to be taboo, the most important thing is to understand the commitment from the get-go!