You’ve seen the dog agility competitions on TV: Canines tackling a variety of obstacles while their owner guides them through the timed course. These contests require concentration, teamwork, and conditioning. Being able to maneuver your dog over an A-frame or through a tunnel may seem like a lofty goal, but it is entirely possible! The Dog Wizard is your home base for dog training in the Cincinnati area. Our certified professional dog trainers utilize a variety of methods to help train puppies of all ages. One skill we offer is agility training for your pooch. Even if you have no plans to compete, agility training can be hugely beneficial. No matter the breed, we can get your dog moving and having a good time!


  • Agility training is great for exercise. Not only is the workload great for conditioning your dog, it also gets you moving as well! People who struggle to keep up with their dog will be pleased to see the tiring effects of agility training. The thought of jumping into agility training can be intimidating. Don’t be nervous about the prospect of putting your canine in an overly-intense dog training school. We offer agility classes for all skill levels!


  • Agility training fulfills your dog’s natural instincts. All dogs have an innate desire to plan, chase, and hunt. The setup of agility courses allows your canine to capitalize on these instinctual needs. Dogs love accomplishing tasks and having structure. Satiating these needs will equate to a more content, pleased pooch.


  • Training with your dog in agility will strengthen your bond. Despite dogs’ high level of comprehension and intelligence, agility courses are designed to require teamwork in order to finish. The step-by-step course requires both the owner and dog to work together to navigate obstacles. Constant interaction and communication will increase the trust your dog places in you. Additionally, the discipline involved will lead to a better relationship between owner and companion.


The Dog Wizard can be your guru for obedience training for dogs. When it comes to dog training in Cincinnati, we’re the best. Our philosophy focuses on tailoring a training plan that is as unique as your pet. We offer a plethora of classes, and agility training is certainly one of them. Training and communicating with your dog while being able to wear them out mentally and physically is a very effective approach to dog training. Contact us today for information and see how we can help your dog thrive!