We get asked frequently if there are any “better” breeds than other breeds when it comes to dogs. The answer isn’t a “yes or no.” I often reply with the question, “What your lifestyle is like?”

See, like humans, all dogs are different, especially when it comes to breeds. Some are very powerful and/or fast and/or energetic… some require a LOT of maintenance… some require a LOT of physical AND mental exercise. But some dogs and breeds are the complete opposite.

So when I ask, “What is your lifestyle like?” it’s important to know if the owner/s have the time, money, energy, etc to carry out the repetition / consistency / and patience necessary to have a happy, calm, balanced pet. For instance, a domestic couple that has three children under the age of 4 years old probably doesn’t have what is needed to give a young German Shepherd the mental and physical stimulation that is needed. This includes multiple STRUCTURED heel walks or runs during the day, utilizing the place command (especially inside the home), and other mental tasks or commands to give that dog fulfillment / purpose in life.
A low energy (lazy) mentality dog would be much better suited for a family like this. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting a specific “designer” breed and focus on what WE want, not what is best for the dog/breed.

So just remember: when choosing a dog breed, consider the nature of the breed. It’s easier to work with nature than against her!

Wag more and bark less 🙂