1. Rawhides are BAD!… Here’s Why

    The holidays are right around the corner and many folks will be getting new puppies that need something to chew on, or already have a seasoned dog that likes a holiday chew toy / present! Unfortunately, there are many chews out there that are very bad for our dogs. The most common is RAWHIDE chews. Let's take a look at how these are made: Step 1:  Rawhide is actually leather (hide), mostly from cows. It is cut from the c…Read More

  2. Tips For Helping Your Dog Settle When Moving Homes Part 2

    Packing up your life and relocating to a different neighborhood, city, or even state can be a stressful endeavor. The entire process can certainly be exhausting, but for your canine, it can be much more so. While all of the humans are clued in on the plan, chances are that your dog does not understand what is happening. Today, we’ll continue last week’s blog with more moving tips for your canine. Helping you and your …Read More

  3. I love how he’s protective… I hate how he’s aggressive

    We hear this frequently from clients asking for help. They like having a dog that is protective of them, but are often fearful and very nervous that the dog will end up making a very bad decision and hurt/injury someone or something, or worse! Let's break it down. You should never be content with owning a dog that displays both protective AND aggressive traits or behaviors. Especially a dog that exhibits these behaviors a…Read More

  4. Breed Matters!

    We get asked frequently if there are any "better" breeds than other breeds when it comes to dogs. The answer isn't a "yes or no." I often reply with the question, "What your lifestyle is like?" See, like humans, all dogs are different, especially when it comes to breeds. Some are very powerful and/or fast and/or energetic... some require a LOT of maintenance... some require a LOT of physical AND mental exercise. But some …Read More

  5. Keeping Your Pup Warm For The Winter Part 3

    Over the last couple weeks, we’ve looked into ways to keep your doggie safe during the cold season. Today we will finish the trilogy with on a strong note. As Cincinnati's premier dog training organization, the Dog Wizard strives to enrich lives through proper training techniques. From dog aggression training to German Shepherd puppy training, we cover it all. We believe that both master and pet can enjoy their time to …Read More

  6. Keeping Your Pup Warm For The Winter Part 2

    Last week, we looked into the effects that winter can have on your furry friend. Although the snowy weather can be a fun time for both of you, some precautions should be taken to ensure the health of all parties involved. The Dog Wizard is your go-to locale for Cincinnati dog training. Our certified, professional dog trainers are here to educate you and your pup in the ways of proper dog training and handling. Part of our…Read More

  7. Keeping Your Pup Warm For The Winter Part 1

      It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how to safely transport your dog during the warm weather. Now September is here and winter is fast approaching. The Dog Wizard is your source for professional dog training in Cincinnati. We focus on obedience training for dogs of all ages and sizes. Our motivation for operating a top-notch dog training school comes from our love of canines. Now that the cold weather is…Read More

  8. The Best Of All Methods Part 2

    When it comes to obedience training for dogs, The Dog Wizard is at Defcon: Expert. We have trained countless canines (and their families!). Our certified professional dog trainers are the authorities when it comes to dog training in Cincinnati. Last week we dove into training methods and their strengths and drawbacks. There are literally dozens of approaches when it comes to training man’s best friend. For the sake of t…Read More

  9. The Best Of All Methods Part 1

    When discussing the best way to train a dog, everyone has an opinion. Obedience training for dogs comes in all shapes, sizes, and philosophies. Each style has its own merits and drawbacks. One style can be suitable for a certain situation but those situations can often change. In such cases, the dog may be unable to adapt and behave accordingly. The Dog Wizard tackles this issue in a unique way that has shown great result…Read More

  10. Get Your Dog Moving!

    You’ve seen the dog agility competitions on TV: Canines tackling a variety of obstacles while their owner guides them through the timed course. These contests require concentration, teamwork, and conditioning. Being able to maneuver your dog over an A-frame or through a tunnel may seem like a lofty goal, but it is entirely possible! The Dog Wizard is your home base for dog training in the Cincinnati area. Our certified …Read More