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Our Evaluation Process


If you are checking us out, you probably have a dog that is exhibiting some sort of behavioral or obedience issue. You are probably trying to find out what kind of training or trainers you need.

For us, it starts with a FREE evaluation! We will meet you, meet your dog (or dogs), and see what the issues are firsthand.

The second step is for us to really explain how we can help your specific situation, the training techniques we use, and why we have guaranteed proven results. This is also an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need or address any concerns you have on the spot. We will then demonstrate all of the obedience commands with one of our training dogs so you can see firsthand what your dog will look like when training is complete.

Once all questions have been asked and answered we will choose the appropriate training programs / prices together... and so begins a brand new (and better) life for you and your K9 companion!

We look forward to meeting you. Give us a call today!


A majority of a dog’s behavior is shaped between 8 weeks and 6 months, making this time crucial for training your puppy. Start them off right with Cincinnati dog training. Your first class is even free!


In order for dogs to live happy, safe lives, it is absolutely essential for them to understand how to be obedient. With obedience training, you and your dog will build trust and confidence, so sign up today.


Dog aggression is, hands down, the most serious behavioral problem that we face. However, it is also the most common and many owners feel the only solution is to put a dog down. Call us today and we can help.


Affordable & Trusted

We understand that providing your dog with the right training as soon as possible is important, both for you as an owner and for your dog, and we do our best to make that easy. That is why our Cincinnati Dog Wizard is the most trusted, Top Rated Local® dog training program. Call us today and send in a small deposit in order to hold your training start date! Because we don’t wait until your program fee is paid in full, we make it easier to get started as soon as possible. We care about you and your dog, and will do everything we can in order to provide you with the training you both need. Contact us today to learn more!

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Having Control of Your Dog

Means a Great Life For Your Dog

Make walks fun again for both you and your dog! Enjoy the fresh air and scenery with your pup!

You can finally let your dog play with other dogs and socialize with other people without worrying.

With the right training and perseverance, you can take your dog to dinner with you! Find out more.

Dog training programs build trust between owner and dog so that you can enjoy your time together.

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